You can now connect your WideBot chatbot to your Instagram business account and make sure you’re accessible to your customers wherever they choose to be.

What you need to have an Instagram chatbot

In order for your Instagram chatbot to become actually in the palm of your hands, you need:

  1. Give WideBot access to at least one Instagram Business account that is connected to a Facebook page where you are the admin.

  2. To have the Message Control Connected Tools settings enabled. These can be easily accessible from your account settings.

  3. The account must have between 1K and 100K followers.

  4. Your chatbot must be on a paid plan so you can successfully connect it to the platform.

You can always create an Instagram account whose username falls under the format: @test_(username) and use it to test your chatbot. This should connect to the platform without any complications nor conditions, but can only be used for testing.

Moreover, as you sign up for your Instagram chatbot through Facebook, you will be asked to provide WideBot with some permissions so this process can run as smoothly as possible.

Connecting your Instagram account to the WideBot platform

Connecting your Instagram account to your chatbot is easier than you can ever think. Just click on the Connect button and you'll be guided with the steps for the installation process.

Through the Settings tab, you can view all the Instagram accounts you’ve connected to the WideBot platform, and simply just choose the account you want to connect to your chatbot. You can only connect one account to the chatbot at a time, and you can always disconnect it.


Sometimes your permissions/tokens could expire or become invalid. This will change the connection status between your account and bot to: Issue/error

All you need to do is refresh your Facebook permissions and reconnect your account. You will receive an email when you need to refresh your permissions.

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