What is ExpandCart and why should you integrate it with your chatbot?

ExpandCart is a platform where you can easily build a multi-functional online store for your brand. Integrating ExpandCart with your chatbot unlocks new opportunities for you and your brand when your store can be easily accessible right through your chatbot.

How-to Guides: Integrating your chatbot with ExpandCart

Part one: Within the WideBot platform

  1. Go to the WideBot platform

  2. Log in or create an account

  3. Create a new chatbot, choose templates, and choose the ExpandCart template

The template should look like this:

4. In the welcome message flow, you’ll find 5 go-to flows requiring a username, a password, a shop name, a shop URL, and a chatbot name. Most of this information is available through your ExpandCart account as per part one. Add the information where due.

5. Head over to the settings page and connect your chatbot to your Facebook page.

When asked for the WideBot script, follow the below steps in the WideBot platform:

  1. From within the platform, click on Webchat

  2. Under Webchat Whitelist, click on Add New Domain then add your domain

  3. Scroll down and under Bot Script, click on Update Script, then copy the code

  4. Paste the code onto the WideBot script section in the ExpandCart dashboard. This script makes sure your chatbot will show on the chatbot.

Once you’re done with all the instructions in step 4, this is how it should look like:

Part two: Within the ExpandCart dashboard

  1. From within your ExpandCart dashboard, click on Apps and Services in the list on the left side.

  2. Search for WideBot and install the application

  3. Once the application is installed, contact ExpandCart support for your username, password, and shopurl for the integration.

  4. Click on App Setup

You will be asked to enter the Success and Fail flow names. The success flow is the flow triggered when the purchase is successful while the fail flow is the flow triggered when the purchase fails.

If you’ve already set up the ExpandCart template, just insert the below values:

  • For the success flow: “successflow”

  • For the fail flow: “failedflow”

Click on Save. You have now connected your success and fail flows and the WideBot script and taken your username, password, and shopurl for the integration. Everything on the Expandcart side is now done.

All done! Your ExpandCart store and your WideBot chatbot are now in sync.

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