These analytics can give you a deeper insight into how your chatbot is performing by tracking more detailed metrics.

Advanced analytics are available in the following plans: Pro, Premium, and Enterprise solutions.

User retention activity

This section shows you how many of your users return to use your chatbot over a period of time ending with the specific percentage of your customers that you have successfully retained.

You can view your retention rate on a weekly or monthly basis.


This section shows you the number of sessions made over a period of time. A session is a set of user interactions.

The more detailed version of the sessions analytics shows you the total number of sessions for your chatbot, the average number of sessions taking place on a daily basis, the number of daily sessions per user, and the average session time per user as per the screenshot below.

Your inbox analytics

This section analyzes your inbox by telling you which messages were handled by your bot, which were handled by your agents, and which were directed to your agents yet not handled. This helps you develop a better understanding of how your agents are performing.

You can use this to track how both your agents and chatbot are performing and compare the performance of both to further enhance your process.

Through the detailed analytics here, you can track how many tickets each agent has, the user satisfaction rate, and how well your agents are performing as in: how long it takes them to respond, how long it takes them to handle a ticket, how many tickets they’ve been assigned, and how many tickets they’ve closed.

User behaviour

This section shows you the users’ trip within your flows highlighting when the conversation reaches a dead end. This helps you understand where in your flows you lose the customers’ attention, which, in return, gives you a better understanding of how to keep it instead.

Custom funnels

Funnels are a group of actions that your users take throughout their journey to successfully convert to become your loyal customers. Here, you can customize the funnels to match the process your business has and better track it.

More details about custom funnels will be available soon.

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