These are the very basic analytics that will give you a good grasp of how your chatbot is doing without too many details. These are perfect for a quick glance or if you don’t want to dig too much into details.

The basic analytics are included in the plans: Free, Basic.

Your user activity

This section gives you a general summary of how your chatbot is performing in terms of the new, engaging, and blocked users.

New users are the ones who just signed up, engaging users are the ones that engage with your chatbot on the date set in the chart, and blocked users are the ones who have prevented your chatbot from sending them messages.

On the right-hand side, you can also view a summary of your messages analytics.

Messages Activity

Through this section, you get a general idea of the volume of messages received and sent by your chatbot over time.

Button activity

This section tells you which buttons your users interact with most and how often each of them is clicked.

Words activity

This shows you the keywords your users use most, which intent they match with, which flow they lead the user to, and exactly how many times users used the word. This can help give you a better understanding of your customers’ needs.

Flows activity

This section demonstrates the flows your users use most and how many times they’re used. This lets you know which flows resonate best with your users.

Language usage

This section shows you which languages your users use throughout the conversation. Through here, you can have a better understanding of the language your users are most comfortable with.

Note that the Language Usage section can only show you data for Facebook and the data depends on the language preference they chose as their locale for the platform.

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