You can now easily equip your chatbot with ready-made artificial intelligence skills that you can set up in just a few steps in minutes. Please note that this is still in Beta.

Quick Glossary:

There are six domains available in early access:

  • Small Talks

  • Food and Beverage

  • E-commerce

  • Reservations

  • Publications

  • Non-Governmental Organizations.

These are also the most used and requested domains.

Can’t find the domain you’re looking for? Reach out to us and we’ll make it happen.

For more information about each domain, check out this file.

The number of AI skills you can set up in your request differs based on your plan and you can add more skills as an add-on for an extra charge.

How-to Guides

How to install and connect an A.I. skill

  1. From within the platform, click on the chatbot you want to install A.I. skills onto.

  2. Go to the Train section and click on Request New AI Skill

3. Choose the domain type you want to install onto your chatbot. You can read more about every domain here.

4. Choose your language dialect.

5. You will then be redirected to this page which will tell you what each intent does and which flow it leads to. You can add flows and bot replies to each intent.

Getting redirected to the screen shown above means your skill is successfully installed. All you need to do now is connect it to your chatbot by clicking on connect as shown below.

Now that your skill is connected to the chatbot, you can easily access all the intent flows in a folder under the intent’s name and language through the playground as shown:

How to set up your flows

It’s important to understand that installing a skill doesn’t set up your flows. Installing a skill installs intents that teach your bot to understand the user’s intent from their message, and connects ready flows to those intents. After installing the skill, you have to go to the Playground and set up what happens in these flows once the user triggers the intent.

For example, the small talks skill installs an intent that is called Hello. This intent means that the bot detected that the user is greeting the bot.

You have to craft the messages that follow that detection i.e. the bot’s reply to the user’s message that carries this intent. This reply can just be a message, a redirection, or more. Learn more about the different types of messages you can create in your flows.

So, all you have to do after installing is visit every flow message under the intent folder and decide how your chatbot replies to this intent as shown in the example below:

This was made completely flexible to make sure you can choose how your bot replies as you please.

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