What are professional services?

Professional services is WideBot’s latest service built to save you a lot of time and effort by hiring one of our experts to work on your chatbot’s experience and master it for you.

This service is offered in addition to your paid plan; in other words, you have to be already subscribed to one of our plans to be able to use the professional services.

What types of professional services are there?

There are two types of professional services that we currently offer: Conversational Design and Custom Integration.

  1. Conversational Design

Hire one of our professional conversational design experts to help you craft your flows into ready-to-publish perfection.

Expert conversational design costs 10$ per hour.

2. Custom Integrations

Hire one of our tech experts to help you with your external JSON API custom integrations.

Custom integrations costs 20$ per hour.

The process

How to get professional services

As per the Terms and Conditions of Use below, you have to be on a paid plan in order to be able to request professional services.

  • If you’re on a Pro plan, you can request the services as an add-on to your flat-rate plan.

  • If you’re on a Premium plan, your plan already includes a five-hour one-time conversational design add-on as well as a monthly consultation hour.

Additional charges may apply.

Steps below are considering you are already on a paid plan.

  1. You will fill the form of application for the service. The form will declare your use case, the needed integration, the scenario you have in mind for the bot, and the necessary information we need to get started.

  2. You will then receive an email with a document with more information about the service, the pricing, and a link to schedule a call with our team.

  3. In said first call, our expert will validate and understand your needs to provide you with the services that will match your needs.

  4. Upon validation, we will schedule a second call with you for further information and confirmation.

  5. In the second call, we will learn more specific details about your request that will help us prepare a requirements document with full details and pricing for you.

  6. Upon the document’s approval, you will receive an invoice for a deposit of half of the agreed payment.

  7. Upon payment, our team will start working with delivery time set to be between 2-5 working days based on the agreement. A call for conversational design will be scheduled as well.

  8. Once we deliver your product, you can schedule a call to make one iteration if you’d like. After the iteration, you will be automatically charged for the rest of the payment.

  9. With the final approval, you will receive the finalized product.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. You need to already be on a paid plan to be able to use the professional services feature.

  2. You can only use professional services once each month.

  3. You can make only one iteration to your chatbot upon delivery and the hour rate for the services includes iteration number of hours. If iteration takes more hours than mentioned in the original deal, the additional iteration fees must be paid.

  4. Users can only request integrations with a maximum of 9 hours of work.

  5. Users can request a maximum number of 20 hours of conversational design

  6. Designers can only create a chatbot design with a maximum number of 100 flows

  7. Users can have a maximum of 50 FAQs with a maximum of 5 keywords per FAQ.

  8. Users must approve PRD before officially starting to work on the service, and they will be automatically charged half of the fees upon approval. Rest of the payment will be charged upon delivery.

  9. Users are encouraged to deliver their requirements in a timely manner to be able to receive their requests in a timely manner as well.

  10. Communication between client and the WideBot team will be through email and Zenkit, and the users can request calls through Calendly. Deliveries must be through the Zenkit.

  11. WideBot is not to be held accountable for the modification of the folders associated with the services.

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