What is the inbox tab?

The inbox tab allows you to view all of your bot conversations across different channels in the same place and manage and organize them.

You can view any messages on any messaging platform you connect with a chatbot through the WideBot platform—currently through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or your website.

How you can use the inbox feature

The inbox feature allows you to handle, manage, and organize your bot conversations:

How you can handle your messages through the inbox tab:

You can reach your bot users through the inbox tab wherever they are. You can view your users’ information and messages, respond to them, and even handover conversation between yourself and the chatbot only through the toggle at the top right corner of the message display screen, as shown below:

Keep in mind: through the inbox tab, you can only view the customer's message and the bot’s reply if you replied through Facebook due to privacy policies.

If you reply to the customer through the page inbox, your replies will not show in the inbox tab; however, all the messages can be viewable if you respond through the inbox tab.

How you can manage your messages through the inbox tab:

You’re in complete control. You can easily assign conversations to any of your admins through the drop-down list on the top left corner of the message display screen, as shown below:

You can also pause the chatbot for or ban/block specific users. From within the tab, you can even reverse these actions whenever you want to.

You can, as well, choose to get notified with any new messages.

How you can organize your messages in the inbox tab:

Forget a messy inbox. You can add labels to your messages, categorize them into Open, Closed, All, or Banned, and search through the conversations to quickly find conversations with specific people or even explicit content.

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