What is the Audience tab?

The Audience tab is simply a CRM tool integrated within our bot-building platform; it’s your gateway to know your customers and manage them better.

What does the Audience tab do?

The audience tab displays all of your bot subscribers' personal information all in one tab. This helps you understand your users, their needs, and how you can manage them better.

Through the audience tab, you currently can:

  1. View all of your bot subscribers’ personal information

  2. Search within the personal information you receive

  3. Save their personal information as attributes where you can easily view your subscribers’ personal information along with the custom personal information that the Facebook, WideBot platform, or even the custom attributes provide you.

  4. Manage your bot subscribers where you can select or edit their attributes

  5. Block subscribers whenever you might need to.

These options can help you filter your users better, which, in turn, leads to better personalization efforts.

How to use the Audience tab?

You can select all bot subscribers through the bar with the blue arrow and view their information as per these attributes or any extra ones you may have added.

Through the blue square, you can block users.

You can search users by any of the attributes through the bar pointed at by an orange arrow.

If you click on any user, you will be able to view their full information.

You can edit the values of their information based on the set attributes then.

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