What are templates?

Templates are pre-made chatbot flows that are segmented according to industry or purpose. Using a template, you can launch your chatbot almost instantly, as you’d only have to tweak and make minor edits to customize the flow more fitting to your brand.

Using templates

Templates come professionally-designed by our experts for an optimal conversational experience. You’ll only ever need to edit simple attributes for relevance.

You can also preview a demo for each template and try it yourself before choosing the template you’ll proceed building with.

Keep in mind: you can only choose one template to work with, so choose the one most relevant to what you want the chatbot to do.

How-to Guides

How to build a chatbot using a template

  1. Click on Create New Experience

  2. Navigate the available templates

3. Preview templates on Messenger (a completely optional step that allows you to experience the template first-hand before choosing it. This helps you select the template better.)

4. Use the template or create a blank bot from scratch

5. Freely edit the template and the scripts

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