When you create your chatbot, you’re automatically on our Free plan. This gives you the space to create a chatbot with basic, functional features; however, if you want a chatbot with even more advanced, rewarding features, switch to one of our paid plans.

We carefully crafted three flexible paid plans you can choose from based on your budget and your needs. We also make it possible to add extra features to your plan to customize it even more. Learn more about the specifications of each plan here.

If you are an enterprise, you can request a special plan with exclusive features here.

Step-by-step Guides

How to subscribe one of your chatbots to a paid plan

  1. Go to your bot settings from within the platform.

  2. Scroll down to the Payment Information section, where you’ll find all of your payment information.

  3. Click on Change Plan, and you’ll be directed to the upgrade page.

4. Choose the plan that suits you most and click on Upgrade Now. For more information about our plans, click here

5. Add your payment information and confirm your purchase by clicking on Pay Now

You will be charged the subscription fee, and the plan will be automatically activated and renewed every month.

You will be charged your flat plan fees in addition to the costs of any extra add-ons or usage to your package.

How to redeem a discount coupon

If you have a discount coupon you’d like to use, here’s how you can do so:

  1. As you upgrade your plan, click on “Have a coupon?”

  2. Enter your discount code and click on Redeem

Your discount will be directly applied to your purchase if the coupon is validated.

You can also:

  1. Go to your bot settings and scroll down to the Plan Information section.

  2. Enter your coupon code in the Discount Coupon section

  3. Click on Redeem

And your coupon will be automatically applied to your next purchase if the coupon is validated.

How to add/change your payment method

You can change your payment method as a preference, and you may need to if your payment method has expired or if an error in billing occurs.

Please note that you can only have one payment method tied to your account, and you can change it.

To update your payment method, you need to:

  1. Go to your Account Settings

  2. Click on the pen symbol next to your payment method

3. Enter your new payment method details and click on Update.

Downgrading or canceling your plan

You can downgrade or cancel your plan any time from the Bot Settings screen.

Downgrading: Reducing the plan’s features to another paid plan, for example, going from Premium to Pro or Basic. It can also mean going from any plan to Free.

Cancelling: Cancelling your plan altogether and becoming on the free plan.

When you cancel your plan, you will enjoy its privileges until the end of your billing cycle. Until then, you can reverse the downgrade or cancellation at any time if you decide to remain on the plan.

If you don’t reverse the cancellation/downgrade before the end of your billing cycle, you will lose all the plan features and add-ons as requested.

Confirming your cancellation or downgrade, you will be asked to inform us of why you’re choosing to cancel your plan and ensure the cancellation as you’re informed of the privileges you will lose and the changes that will take place.

How is payment processed? What are the payment methods?

Payment in WideBot is processed through a Stripe payment gateway to ensure your payments are extra reliable and completely secure.

Payment methods are all credit and debit cards, and you can also redeem coupons to be applied with your next billing. Watch your email; you may get a surprise coupon from us.

You can manage your payment method, billing, and coupons through the Bot Settings, where you can also view your plan consumption, the number of users, and active add-ons.

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