A scenario is a set of “User Says” and “Bot Replies.” When you create a scenario, you add free text that your user might say at any point, which is the User Says, during the chat and how your bot will reply to it, which is the bot replies.

You can use tags to filter, categorize, and organize your scenarios.

You can use the search bar above to find any scenarios easily you’re looking for by writing any word from the bot says or user says fields, or even searching the relevant tags.

How-to Guides

How to create a scenario for your chatbot

  1. Go to the Train tab and click on Create New Scenario.

  2. Click on the + sign under User Says and add the text you want to create a scenario for. You can add several words/sentences to the User's Says.

  3. Click on the + sign under Bot Replies and add either the response you want your chatbot to respond with or link the bot's flow.

  4. Optionally use tags to categorize your scenario.

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