General Settings

The first thing you can edit through the Settings is the bot’s name. You can make your bot’s name simply the company’s name, or you can further humanize the chatbot by giving them a human character and persona.


You can easily connect your chatbot to channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and your own website through the Channels section present in the Settings tab.

The channels setup is fairly easy and each channel’s setup guides you through the process of connecting your WideBot chatbot to it.

Learn more about setting up each channel individually here.

Pricing Settings

You can also control your subscription through the Settings tab; quickly review your number of users, edit your subscription type, or change your plan as a whole.

You can know more about pricing from here.

Feature-related Settings

You don’t have to do it alone. You can add members to build and manage your bot with you through the Bot Team section in the Settings tab.

You can read more about Team Collaboration here.


You can also manage through the Settings tab your attributes through the Attributes Manager, which allows you to view, edit, and archive your custom attributes.

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