What is Broadcasting?

Broadcasting is a feature that allows you to send unified messages to some or all of your users. This helps you target and segment your audience and personalize their experience even better.

Better segmentation

Broadcasting also allows you to send your messages to segments of your bot users. You can use this to target your audience and create campaigns according to gender, language, age, and more.

When creating your broadcasting message, you have four types of messages to choose from that automatically comply with Facebook policies.

Message Types

There are specific types of messages that you can send in compliance with the latest Facebook policy update. These messages’ content has to match the message type.

The four broadcasting messages types allowed are:

1. Standard Messaging

A regular message you can send your users within the last 24-hours of their interaction with your chatbot. Standard messaging can be promotional or non-promotional. Learn more about the 24-hour standard messaging window policy from here.

2. Confirmed Event Update

If your users registered to one of your events, this type of message can be used to send appointment reminders and event-related updates and notifications. This has to be non-promotional.

3. Post-Purchase Update

This type of message gives your user updates relevant to their latest purchase, such as a receipt, shipment information, or order updates. This also has to be non-promotional content.

4. Account Update

This message is used to notify the user of any update relevant to the data they provide to you, whether it’s a form they filled or an account they built on your platform. This must be non-promotional.

When choosing your message type, keep in mind that your message's content must be in harmony with the type of message and its requirements. For example, if you want to send promotional content, only choose the Standard Messaging type.

If you choose the Confirmed Event Update type, use non-promotional content relevant to the type of message.

If the type of message doesn’t fit its content, you will be violating Facebook policies.

How-to Guides

How to create a broadcast

  1. Click on the Broadcast feature, then click on Create New Broadcast.

  2. Give a name to the broadcast so you’d be able to manage it later.

  3. Choose Message Type.

4. Create your flow of messages for the broadcast.

5. Choose whether you’d like to send the message to all of your page users or the bot users only. You can also filter your bot users.

6. Customize the scheduled time or send the broadcast now. You can also choose to make the message a recurring one.

7. Publish Broadcast or save it as a draft

Within the steps of creating a broadcast message, you can choose the type of users you’d like to reach out to. If you’re choosing bot users, you can also filter them. This helps you segment and target your users better.

Managing your broadcasts

You can manage all of your broadcasts from the same Broadcast tab.

Through Live Broadcasts, you can view the scheduled broadcasts, edit, and pause them.

You can view Broadcast messages you didn’t finish creating or the scheduled ones that you paused through Drafts.

Finally, Broadcast Log shows you the history and summary of your previous broadcast messages. You can edit those messages and resend them through the Broadcast Log.

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