Flows are a group of messages that your chatbot sends, and a chatbot’s conversation is basically a group of flows linked together.

A flow message can be a lot of things.

There are a few limitations that come with the types of messages within flows.

Flow messages can also be Go-to flow, JSON API Integrations, A set attribute, a user input, or setting up the Handover feature. However, these messages are considered advanced features, and you can read more about them in the Advanced Features articles.

Once you add one of the above types of messages, you can follow up with a button or a quick reply, directing the conversation to other flows.

Although both may look very similar, there are minor differences between them, as shown below:

You can organize all of your flows into Folders for easier access and better management.


You can copy almost anything in the Playground: chatbots, flows, and folders to create a duplicate item and edit it.

This can help make your bot-building process easier and save you a lot of time. If your chatbot only has minor differences between the flows, you can make copies of the original flow and edit those differences. You’re good to go, such as when you want to create the same flow or even bot but in different languages.

This also helps you create drafts easier and enhance your flow when you’re testing the flows.

How-to Guides

How to copy chatbots:

  1. Click on the small menu on the top right of the chatbot square.

  2. Click on Copy

How to copy folders and flows:

Within Playground, click on the Copy icon.

Once you copy your bot, flow, or folder, don’t forget to edit the name so you can differentiate between the original and the copy when editing the content.

Test Button

You can click this button on the top right of your Playground at any time to instantly start a conversation with your chatbot through Messenger so you can hands-on test the chatbot.

Needless to say, you need to have connected your chatbot to a Facebook page for you to be able to test it.

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