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Creating Your First Bot

This is your detailed yet simplified guide for building a chatbot through the WideBot platform.

Step 1: Get started and sign up.

Start by going to our website and signing up by clicking on getting Started for Free. To create an account on the WideBot platform, you have to connect your account with your Facebook account.

Once connected to Facebook, click on “ Build new experience” to get started.

Step 2: Choose how you’d like to start building your chatbot.

We have two options for your convenience: you can either build your chatbot from scratch or choose a relevant template to get you started.

Below you’ll find a comparison between both that’ll help you decide which to go for.

For a more straightforward example, below is what starting a bot from scratch looks like:

And this is what starting a bot from a ready-made template is like:

Here, I’m using the E-commerce template. As you can see, all flows are ready-made with simple variables that you can change to customize your bot to be ready within minutes.

Step 3: Set your bot up

Name your bot and choose the page it’s associated with. You can click on “Playground” to skip this step, but you have to do it, either way, to be able to launch your bot.

If you cannot find your page, try renewing your Facebook permissions. You need to be an admin on a page to be able to connect it to a chatbot.

You will then be asked to write the welcome message, which is the first message your user will see before interacting with the bot.

Step 4: Set up your flows

Time to start building!

So once you’re done setting up the bot, you can start building your bot through Playground. Through the section highlighted in blue, you can add folders and organize your chatbot. You can add flows when adding folders or quickly when you need to while setting quick replies and buttons.

You can start adding messages for the flow using the section highlighted in orange. These messages could be text, visuals, or a feature from the features section above.

You can add quick replies and buttons from the arrows in blue and orange depending on your needs, whether you need that button to direct the conversation or you’d like to use the data the user chooses.

You can add flows as you go and as you need to.

You can manage your bot’s settings from the Settings tab. You can manage all of your bots from the My Bots screen, which you can access through the WideBot logo on the top left of your screen.

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