There are different ways you can train your chatbot to understand free text in our Train feature: Scenarios and AI Skills.

Scenarios are simple: you train the bot to respond to certain free text with specific messages or flows, like in the screenshot below:

AI skills, on the other hand, are your go-to if you’re looking for a more advanced solution with integrated AI.

What is an AI Skill?

An AI skill is a pre-built feature by our expert AI team that makes it possible for your chatbot to understand free text across a specific domain.

They’re pre-trained models with ready-to-use data that make it possible to equip your chatbot with AI instantly.

There are six domains available in early access:

  • Small Talks
  • Food and Beverage
  • E-commerce
  • Reservations
  • Publications
  • Non-Governmental Organizations.

These are also the most used and requested domains.

The number of AI skills you can set up in your request differ based on your plan and you can add more skills as an add-on for an extra charge.

You can request an AI skill from the Train section inside the platform. You will be asked to specify the domain and the language. The available languages are Arabic and English, and each domain requested in a language is considered as a skill i.e. if you request both Arabic and English in the Reservations domain, it counts as two skills.

After the skills are implemented in your chatbot, you can edit any of the flows; however, you can’t edit the intents themselves. (an intent is a term that refers to the intention behind text. For example, if a user says they want to order pizza, the intent here is ordering food)

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