Comment acquisition allows you to create scenarios where the chatbot handles the comments on your page’s posts through comment scenarios that run through messages or comments (coming soon.)

Customizing your comment scenarios

Comment scenarios are made to be especially flexible to use: you can choose to reply to all comments, all comments but specific comments, or specific comments only.

This also applies to the post itself: it can be specific posts or all posts.

You can also create a trigger for comment scenarios, for example for a keyword that customers frequently use in the comments, so that the chatbot replies to all those comments specifically and instantly.

In addition, you can customize when the chatbot handles the comments: whether it’s instant or within a specific number of minutes, hours or even days. (coming soon)

Managing your comment scenarios

You can add, edit, name, duplicate, and arrange your comment scenarios through the feature. You can also hide comments.

How-To Guides

How to create a comment scenario

  1. From within the platform interface, click on “Growth Tools”
  2. Click on “Create New Comment Scenario”
  3. Name your scenario
  4. Choose your target posts: all or specific
  5. Choose your target comments: all comments, specific comments, or comments with a specific trigger
  6. Create the message you’ll use to reply to the user with after triggering a comment scenario
  7. Click on Publish to activate the comment scenario

After you publish and activate your comment scenario, you can edit, pause or delete it.

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