What is Webchat?

Webchat is a feature through which you can easily connect your WideBot chatbot with your website.

The feature also gives you the luxury of customizing everything about your chatbot in terms of UI and settings: even if you’re using the same chatbot for different platforms.

Customization: what exactly can you customize?

You can customize your chatbot and make different settings for each channel in the following tabs: Playground, Settings, Audience, and Analytics.

Through the Webchat button, you can change your chatbot’s user interface in terms of:

  • Bot’s name (by default the chatbot’s name from the Settings screen)
  • Bot’s avatar (you can upload a photo as your bot’s avatar)
  • Bot’s colors

Keep in mind: For images, the image has a maximum size of 3MB, must be square, and JPG, JPEG, or PNG.

How-to Guides

How to connect your chatbot to your website

  1. Click on the Webchat feature from within your Playground screen
  2. Customize your chatbot’s UI if you’d like to
  3. Click Add New Domain and enter your domain name below (you can whitelist up to 50 domains, and your domain has to be a https URL)

4. Click on Update Script, and a script will be generated below

5. Copy the script, and paste it into your website’s code

You can also click on Preview to preview your chatbot before publishing it.


Your bot collaborators can also preview your chatbot, just make sure they’re logged in. If your collaborators are not logged in, they will not be able to preview the chatbot and will be redirected to My Bots.


If your end-user navigates between web pages or leaves your website, the conversation will not start over and will be continued unless the user clears the browser’s data or used another browser to visit the website.

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