The analytics you can measure through the Analytics and Audience tabs:

  • Daily new users (Reachable users)
  • Users who have blocked the bot
  • Total number of users (soon)
  • Total number of incoming and outgoing messages (soon)

Analytics Integrations

You can integrate your bot with various third-party integrations that can enhance your analytics and provide you with even more insights such as ChatBase which you can easily set up for your chatbot.

How to set up Chatbase for your chatbot analytics

  1. Create an account on Chatbase and sign in
  2. Click on Add bot and enter your chatbot’s information (when it asks for the bot’s link, insert the messenger link.)

3. Copy your API key and head over to the Analytics tab in the WideBot platform.

4. Scroll down to the Analytics Integration section and click on Connect

5. Insert your copied API Key

6. Click Connect and you’re done!

Now your bot will be also analyzed by Chatbase and you can head over to their dashboard at any time to check for your chatbot’s performance.

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